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Most people consider their eyesight to be the most important sense they have. Keeping your eyes healthy is first and foremost. This is why our detailed eye exam with dilation allows Dr. Gosling to evaluate your eyes to precision. His complete eye exam evaluates for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, M.S., and many other ocular and systemic diseases.

Dr. Gosling has extensive experience dealing with the medical side of optometry. He spent his first 14 years practicing in large ophthalmology clinics during his time in Green Bay Wisconsin. He was  the optometrist for the Green Bay Packers  for many years. Now practicing for nearly five years in South Denver, Dr. Gosling has found a network of surgeons he trusts with his patients care. If surgery is needed, Dr. Gosling will refer you to the best ophthalmologist for your needs. Most all eye emergencies are easily handled at Optical Matters. Treatment of �pink eye� and foreign body removals are always seen right away. LASIK and cataract pre and post operative care can all be done at Optical Matters for your convenience.

Binocularity and precise eye teaming are very important to comfortable viewing throughout the day. Getting a quick determination of your prescription without consideration of your daily visual demands can lead to an inaccurate and unsuitable prescription. Dr. Gosling uses a slow and balanced approach in determining your prescription.  Understanding your daily visual demands, any present �eye strain� symptoms and eye dominance � allows for the most accurate correction to be found.

While glasses may be a necessity, contact lenses are a luxury. Dr. Gosling fit�s all types of contact lenses. Today�s new contact lens technologies have allowed almost anyone to be a candidate for contacts. Even in Colorado�s aired climate, dry eye patient have great success with these new materials.  If you are frustrated putting reading glasses on over your contacts or your �monovision� contact prescription is driving you crazy, why not try bifocal contacts. Dr. Gosling is an expert in fitting patients into bifocal contact lenses. We will not order contacts until our patients feel they have clear and comfortable vision.  Whether you are desiring contact lenses for the first time or you are an extremely difficult to fit contact lens wearer, Dr. Gosling will take his time and explain the entire process thoroughly. His specialty is bifocal and hard to fit contact lens patients.

Optical Matters has over 1500 frames to choose from.  Are large selection gives you a chance to peruse from many different styles and colors, all at one store (see our products). Our experienced opticians will help personalize your frame selection, always keeping your desired look in mind. Your personality, appearance, and lifestyle all play a part in helping find the right look for you.

Dr. Gosling and his opticians work closely together with each patient. Dr. Gosling�s prescription is designed to give you maximum visual comfort throughout the day. At the end of it all, it comes down to how well you see out of your new glasses. Our lens designs are made for your eyes and your eyes only.  A new technology has arrived allowing lenses to be digitally (computer calculated) designed for you. This allows the lenses and frame measurements to be taken while the frame is fit to your face. This new technology will give patients the ability to create their own �mystyle� lens design for their visual demands. Optical Matters is proud to be the fourth clinic in America to utilize the new VisuReal system to take these important measurements needed to create this type of accuracy.

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