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Hoya focuses on developing and manufacturing the finest ophthalmic lenses and most advanced coating technologies available. Combining state-of-the-art technology with extensive knowledge and experience, Hoya offers our patients the perfect solution for any type of correction while meeting all budgets. Exciting developments occur frequently and Hoya’s product range is expanding all the time. Our goal at Optical Matters is to offer the highest quality of lens products available on the market to our patients.

New lens designs occur periodically, and now a new lens technology has arrived that’s designed with your prescription and frame choice as the reference. These new “free form” lenses allow computer technology to design the lenses for your frame around your prescription and your lifestyle. These new lenses are digitally designed for your daily visual desires. These new lenses include:

Single vision: (Nulux EP) As a single vision lens, this lens is digitally designed for your prescription and frame fit to eliminate all distortions throughout the entire lens. These lenses allow you maximum clarity, from edge to edge of the lens, just for you!

Progressive Multifocals: (ECP iq, CD iq, Lifestyle ID, and ID) These progressive multifocal lenses are totally designed with your prescription and frame choice in mind. This new technology allows a diamond to cut your needed prescription into the lenses designed for you! This personally allows the greatest area of visual comfort throughout the lenses to best suit your desired daily needs.

Energy lenses: (Active 8 Energy) This is a completely new concept in lens design. As new demands on our visual system continue to change, so does Hoya’s desires to meet these challenges. As a single vision lens, this lens allows a visually comforting effect for our youth. Designed for the high demand computer, smart phone and tablet computer user 40 years old and younger. This lens relieves the strain that occurs while demanding the eyes to focus at near for longer periods of time. This overall design allows an energetic effect, reducing fatigue and eyestrain. Thus a relaxed visual system throughout the day.

Optical Matters is proud to be the first in America to utilize the new VisuReal system that takes the critical measurement involving all the “free form” lens design lenses mentioned above. While these lenses are still better than the industry average without these critical measurements, combining the VisuReal system, significantly improves the lenses for your eyes only.

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