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Optical Facts
At Optical Matters our focus is on you, always understanding your vision is as important to us, as it is to you. Dr. Gosling will  approach your visual needs the moment he meets you. His observations will help guide him to find your optimal prescription. During the exam process, he is constantly focusing on understanding your visual needs. He may ask funny, but relevant questions to get the most proficient understanding of your world and daily visual demands. He will thoroughly compare your vision complaints with your daily visual activities and preform his testing accordingly. Dr. Gosling will explain his finding in a detailed but simple manner, and will never shorten his exam until you completely understand his findings. His focus will always be on you, from start to finish.

After the exam, the continual individual focus is handed to our vision specialists who will help you understand the importance of Dr. Gosling's findings. As a team, with you at the center, Dr. Gosling and his staff  will present you with all your options to fulfill maximum comfort throughout your day.

Your style is your choice, but the lenses that are put into the frame you choose, a specialist is needed  to help explain the overall look and comfort value of your choices. We want you always to be happy, thus our overall focus is on you and what will make you visually comfortable and attractive.

Optical Matters provides patients with all aspects of eye care services, ranging from routine eye exams and contact lens fitting to treatment of eye diseases and laser vision correction consultation. We provide the highest quality of full scope optometry in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of our patients' visual systems and their ocular health.

We offer a lifetime commitment - to you and to the health of your eyes. Our warm and friendly staff are dedicated to building long enduring relationships, and providing you with the best in health care services. Most importantly, you will always be given the quality time and attention that you deserve from both Dr. Gosling and our staff.


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