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Sync 8

Hoya's new Sync 8 lens is designed with youth in mind. At around 40 to 45 years of age, our internal focusing system finds it difficult to sustain prolonged amount of near work. As this is a natural change of our focusing system, the demands at near have increased significantly. Today's new technologies are just adding stress to our eyes.

The Sync 8 lens utilizes a new twist in
lens design. As a single vision lens,  Sync 8 helps relieve the strain of the focusing system by creating a non-distorted,  relaxing effect at near. This relieving energy is especially noted by busy users of computers, smart cell phones and tablet PC. While many people are involved with these technologies, it is our children and young adults that are immersed in this "digital" world.

The Sync 8 lens helps alleviate strain caused by this excessive near work. This added energy brings less fatigue and more focus throughout the day. End of day near activities becomes more relaxed and simply  sustained. Noted problems the Sync 8 lens can relive are headaches, fluctuating vision, tired eyes, less overall body fatigue, light sensitivity, and dry eyes.

Significant amounts of near work can also cause the eyes to become more nearsighted, helping them to see near more comfortably. The Sync 8 lens in children can help suppress this shift and prevent or slow this degradation. Parents with large amounts of nearsightedness may consider the Sync 8 lens beneficial for their children, helping prevent myopic progression as well as helping their child's overall near demands.

Benefits of Sync 8:

More relaxation at near tasks.
Better concentration while reading.
More energy at end of day.
Slowing the progression of nearsightedness

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